Thank you for your support!

Whittier Depends on You

The staff of the Whittier Alliance and the volunteer Board of Directors are committed to the outreach and advocacy needed for Whittier to stay a healthy, safe, and vibrant neighborhood for everyone. But we need your help to make this happen! The Whittier Alliance operates on a very efficient budget. While the Neighborhood Revitalization Program has provided funding for many functions of the Whittier Alliance in previous years, not all the activities are covered by this funding. We need your financial support to continue delivering the resources and information that you value and to advocate for the prosperity and progress of the Whittier neighborhood.

Whittier Works for You

While we hold many community events and meetings, one of the most valuable services the Whittier Alliance provides is an open door. It is not uncommon for residents, businesses, property owners, students, investors, and even City Departments to stop in or call the Whittier Alliance for information about any and all things Whittier. We foster communication, share history and ideas, and knit people, places and things together to keep Whittier growing and interesting.

The Whittier Alliance facilitates meetings; sponsors forums and seminars; plans and implements events that build community connections and pride; we advocate to governmental departments on behalf of the Whittier neighborhood and develop strategies to build neighborhood prosperity while retaining the Whittier character. Our website has a wealth of information about the work and programs of the Alliance, as well as linking to resources we can offer to assist residents, property owners and businesses.

To continue this exciting and challenging work, we are asking your financial assistance. This neighborhood provides all the inspiration we need to continue to serve you, but money keeps the door open and the lights on. Our budget is very lean and our staff is very dedicated. We are asking everyone’s help to support the work of the Whittier Alliance as we continue building on the strengths of your neighborhood. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.

Thank you for supporting the Whittier Alliance and the Whittier neighborhood. Your financial assistance will help us continue to make Whittier a great place to live, work and play.