Neighborhood Updates

Thanks clean-up crew!

We collected a lot of trash on Saturday. Thanks to all who came out to help and to everyone that keeps things picked up on a regular basis.

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Stevens Avenue houses for sale!

Contact the Whittier Alliance office if you are interested in purchasing one of these homes. We will put your name on a list to be contacted by a realtor.

Learn more about the homes:

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Help Whittier go greener (and save some green in the process!)

The Whittier Alliance office always uses the blank side of pretty much any piece of paper – a copy gone wrong, junk mail, etc. – to print drafts or non-public facing copies. It’s better for the environment and our bottom line.

Since we don’t have an endless supply of “one side used and not needed, blank on the other” paper, we could use your help. If you find you are tossing paper with a blank side into the recycling – think about saving it out and using it for your personal printing or donating it to the office. Let’s see how much paper we can reuse before we recycle.

We can use letter, legal and 11 X 17 in any color. Bring it to a CI or BA committee meeting or drop it by the office.

Thank you!

Graffiti prevention and clean-up

Property owners are responsible for cleaning up graffiti on their property. Before you clean it up, take photos and submit a report to 311. The police department keeps track of tagging patterns to assist in apprehending culprits, so this information is really valuable.

If the graffiti is not cleaned, the city may issue a citation. Swing by the fire station or the Whittier Alliance office to pick up free graffiti removal products.

The Whittier Alliance also has funds available to help businesses prevent graffiti. Download the application to get started!

Report any graffiti on any property by calling 311, using the 311 app or online system.

For details, see the city of Minneapolis website. A few tips:
  • if you have a fence, consider storing extra paint of the same color for graffiti touch-ups.
  • consider painting a mural on the exposed walls of your business. Research has shown that exteriors with murals are less likely to get hit by graffiti.
  • plant a garden on your boulevard or around an electric box on your property – having a garden shows the property is cared for and graffiti might by removed quickly.

Single Family and Rental Rehab Loans – Low interest – Convenient terms

The Whittier Alliance offers low interest improvement loans for owner occupied single family & duplex homes and non-owner occupied multi-unit rental property. The loans are funded through the Whittier Neighborhood Revitalization Program and administered by the Center For Energy and Environment. Apply for a loan for curb appeal improvements, code compliance or general maintenance to your home or property. The terms are easy. Info at:

General Notices

Raise money for the Whittier Alliance without giving a cent!

That’s right! You can raise money for the Whittier Alliance just by searching the internet, shopping online, or going out to eat! GoodSearch, powered by Yahoo, donates one cent for every search to the organization or charity you select. GoodShop donates a percentage of every online purchase at participating businesses. GoodDining (NEW!) donates a percentage of your bill when you go out to eat at participating restaurants and use a registered card. Sign up to support the Whittier Alliance, download the toolbar, use GoodSearch every time you search and be notified when your online purchase will make a donation! And don’t forget to register your credit card at GoodDining! Go to and start raising funds today!

Welcome to Whittier

Whittier is an active urban residential neighborhood just south of downtown Minneapolis. It was home to many of Minneapolis’ historical founders, including the first Mayor of Minneapolis, Dorilus Morrison, and the Pillsbury and Washburn families. The neighborhood’s notoriety and distinction is linked to the internationally-known Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA) and the Children’s Theatre, and a thriving stretch of Nicollet Avenue known as “Eat Street” due to its diverse restaurants and groceries.

The neighborhood’s 15,000 residents represent 30 countries, and over 25 language groups. The Whittier neighborhood is a historic and colorful mix of artistic culture and ethnic cultures. It is truly “The International Neighborhood,” where diversity becomes community. The Whittier Alliance, the officially recognized Community Participation organization for the neighborhood, works with residents, businesses and governmental agencies to further the common interests of the Whittier neighborhood.

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