The Community Issues Committee works to address issues of livability, housing, transportation and land use within the community. The CI meetings provide a town hall-like atmosphere format for Whittier residents, property owners, and concerned citizens to discuss current and future issues and their impact on our neighborhood. Working with Whittier Alliance staff, the Community Issues Committee also coordinates neighborhood cleanups, safety and block club activities, and other community-building initiatives.

Community Issues Meeting Minutes
CI 07-11-16 CI 06-13-2016
CI 05-09-16
CI 04-11-16
CI 03-14-16
CI 02-08-16
CI-BA 01-11-2016

CI 12-15-15
CI 11-09-15
CI 10-12-15
CI 09-14-15
CI 08-10-15
CI 07-13-15
CI 06-10-15
CI 05-11-15
CI 04-13-15
CI 03-09-15
CI 02-09-15
CI 01-12-15