The Whittier Business Association works to bring business owners together to create a positive atmosphere for business development.The Business Association encourages good business practices and business property maintenance. The monthly meetings offer information and resources to help Whittier’s small and independent business owners run more smoothly and profitably. Networking, cooperative marketing and information on licensing and city programs are made available through the Whittier BA. The BA also reviews and advises development proposals that will impact the commercial and retail areas of Whittier. Upcoming BA meetings are added to the ‘Upcoming Meetings’ sidebar on our homepage.

Business Association Meeting Minutes
BA 06-08-2016
BA 05-11-2016
BA 04-13-2016
BA 03-09-2016
BA 02-10-2016
CI-BA 01-11-2016
BA 11-11-15
BA 10-14-15
BA 09-09-15
BA 08-12-15
BA 07-08-15
BA 06-10-15
BA 05-13-15
BA 04-08-15
BA 03-11-15
BA 02-11-15
BA 1-14-15