The Whittier Alliance currently has two committees to deal with issues in the Whittier neighborhood. Task forces supplement and further the work of the two committees. Final vote on behalf of the organization is done at the monthly Board of Directors meeting, usually held the fourth Thursday of the month.

Anyone may attend the two committee meetings, however to vote, you must live, or own property or a business, in Whittier. Review the membership page to determine voting eligibility. Find out the next meeting at the community calendar or call the Whittier Alliance office at 612-871-7756.

Acting Committees

Community Issues

The Community Issues Committee works to address issues of livability, housing, transportation and land use within the community. The meetings provide a townhall-like atmosphere and format for Whittier residents, property owners, and concerned citizens, to discuss current and future issues and their impact on the neighborhood. Working with Whittier Alliance staff, the Community Issues Committee also coordinates neighborhood cleanups, safety and block club activities, and other community building initiatives.

The agenda for the Community Issues meeting is set and publicly noticed electronically by fliering and by US Post. To be on the agenda, contact the Whittier Alliance office at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting. All land use, zoning, conditional use permits, variances, site plan and new development proposals must be reviewed by the neighborhood prior to setting City hearing dates. Allow for a 4-6 week neighborhood review time frame.

Community Issues Committee Meeting Draft Minutes

Business Association

The Whittier Business Association works to bring business owners together to create a positive atmosphere for business development. The Business Association encourages good business practices and business property maintenance. The monthly meetings offer information and resources to help Whittier’s small and independent business owners run more smoothly and profitably. Networking, loan availability, cooperative marketing and information on licensing and city programs are made available through the Whittier BA. The BA also reviews and advises development proposals that will impact the commercial and retail areas of Whittier.

Business Association Meeting Draft Minutes

Board of Directors

The Whittier Alliance Board of Directors consists of 15 “at large” members, as well as representatives appointed from the Business Association committee. In addition, the chairs of both the Community Issues Committee and the Business Association are automatically members of the Board. Read more about the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Committees of the Board

The Whittier Alliance also has committees to deal with Whittier Alliance finances and other internal issues. The public is welcome to these meetings, but only committee members are allowed to vote. These committees are:

Executive Committee

Sets up the agenda for the Whittier Alliance Board Meeting, and discusses other relevant internal issues.

Finance Committee

Keeps track of the finances of the Whittier Alliance, and proposes future budgets.

MOTIONS PASSED BY ALL COMMITTEES ARE FORWARDED TO THE WHITTIER ALLIANCE BOARD OF DIRECTORS FOR FINAL ACTION. No committee motion is considered to be a motion of the Whittier Alliance until acted upon by the Board.